Joining BCSD Portugal

Joining BCSD Portugal2019-03-01T12:25:19+00:00

Leading the change

Being part of BCSD Portugal is an opportunity to anticipate the future and position your company in the leading edge of the development of sustainable solutions to meet society’s challenges. It is to contribute to the construction of a more balanced, fair, innovative and competitive future, capable of generating economic and social welfare.

Benefits for members

– Accelerating the incorporation of sustainability into your business model
– Expanding your network of corporate sustainability stakeholders and professionals
– Having access to the most recent briefings and sustainability trends
– Having access to tools and methodologies that will assist you in the definition of your sustainability strategy
– Benefiting from innovative business solutions from the cooperation with fellow members
– Anticipating and mitigate risks
– Participating in public policy making
– Creating pride and motivation in your employees by integrating a platform for sustainability


– Training (Journey towards Sustainability)
– Working groups and tasks forces
– Advocacy and public policy
– Events
– Networking
– Reporting
– Consultancy

Charter of principles

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