João Wengorovius Meneses

Secretary General

Graduated in Management, he has held several management and leadership positions in the public and private sectors, as well as in the third sector. Among other duties, he was TESE president, a very active NGO in Portugal and in the PALOP (Portuguese speaking countries), coordinator of GABIP Mouraria in Lisbon City Council, Secretary of State for Youth and Sports in the XXI Constitutional Government of Portugal and, more recently, general manager of an investment fund for business angels and an accelerator of Oporto Business School (University of Oporto). He was also a guest professor at two Portuguese universities for about ten years.

Mafalda Evangelista

Head of Sustainability Knowledge

Graduated in Forestry Engineering from the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), currently attends the PhD in Sustainability Sciences at the University of Lisbon. She worked in the forestry sector, where she developed and coordinated R&D activities on sustainable forest management. At the BCSD Portugal, she coordinates projects and working groups on Corporate Sustainability, related to the transition to carbon neutrality, with impact on natural and social capital, the Sustainable Development Objectives, non-financial reporting and ESG performance indicators (Environment, Social and Governance).

Rita Gíria

Head of Communication

Graduated and postgraduate in Business Communication, with an MBA in Marketing, she has extensive experience in the areas of communication and corporate marketing. She has held positions in several sectors of activity, namely in the areas of health, construction, publishing and automotive. International experience in academic and professional context, in the United States, Brazil and Angola. In communication, she looks at the possibility of uniting. Uniting ideas to define strategies. Joining steps to achieve results. Uniting people to get further. Merging points to add value.

Tânia Oliveira

Head of Member Relations

She holds a degree in Forestry Engineering and a post-graduate degree in Organizational Management and Sustainable Development. She has assumed roles related to stakeholder management and business development. So far, she has added knowledge and experience in areas as diverse as media, health, environmental consulting, communication and public relations, always integrating teams and projects of communication and sustainability. She believes that companies are the key to sustainable development if they look boldly forward, create opportunities and aspire to a positive impact.

Daniela Pinheiro

Project Manager

Graduated in Energy and Environmental Engineering from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon. In the framework of the master’s thesis, she developed an algorithm for the prediction of renewable energy production at EDP, with the aim of facilitating the integration of photo voltaic energy into the grid. At BCSD Portugal, she is part of the implementation team of the ESI Europe (Driving Investment in Energy Efficiency through Energy Savings Insurance in Europe) project.

Inês Amorim

Learning and Innovation Manager

She has a degree in Economics and Singing, started her career at Sonae MC as Business Analyst and Advisor in the Planning and Management Control department, where her team won the Sonae MC 2016 Trophy. She also was part of the SPEAK project where she held the position of Financial Controller & People Ops. At BCSD, she is a member of the Learning and Innovation team, responsible for new initiatives and events.

Inês Martins

Project Manager

Graduated in Biology from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, she started her career at BCSD to undertake an internship in the scope of the master’s thesis of the Ecology and Environmental Management course, focusing on the relationship between companies and the environment, in particular with the services of ecosystems, bio economics and natural capital. Her role is in the projects LIFE VOLUNTEER ESCAPES and SINCERE (Spurring Innovations for Forest Ecosystem Services in Europe).

Neusa Meneses

Administrative Manager

Graduated by the Institute of Languages and Administration (ISLA), she has always been connected with management and secretarial service and has extensive experience in the administrative area. With the specialization course in secretarial and assistant management, at the BCSD she is responsible for administrative management, of contracts and suppliers, telephone assistance and accounting support. Throughout her professional experience, she has worked at a set of companies from various sectors, from telecommunications, construction to furniture.

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