Projects and Commitments

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H2020 and European Projects

We are the partner in Portugal responsible for the implementation of these European projects and we involve Portuguese companies to go further in their contribution to more sustainable businesses and societies.

Energy Savings Insurance (ESI)

The Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) Europe project aims to help reduce the energy consumption of SMEs, improve performance and increase the environmental sustainability of the company’s operations.

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LIFE Volunteer Escapes

The mission of LIFE Volunteer Escapes is to act in terms of nature conservation, promoting awareness-raising actions and sharing good practices on the importance of protecting and conserving natural capital for companies.

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Spurring INnovations for forest eCosystem sERvices in Europe (SINCERE)

The Spurring INnovations for forest eCosystem sERvices in Europe (SINCERE) project aims to contribute to the development of a coordinated European policy to maximize the value to society of forest ecosystem services and their sustainable provision.

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Other commitments

We challenge companies to increase their impact through innovation and collaboration on projects that we design in partnership with leading entities.

Act4nature Portugal

Act4nature Portugal is an initiative promoted by BCSD Portugal within the scope of act4nature international, launched in France in 2018, with the aim of mobilizing companies to protect, promote and restore biodiversity.

The launch of this initiative in Portugal is part of the commitments assumed by BCSD Portugal, in 2019, when joining the Business for Nature coalition, they include the objective of involving companies in commitments that contribute to reverse the loss of biodiversity globally.

Any company, associated or not associated with BCSD Portugal, of any size or sector of activity can join.

Business Mobility Pact for the City of Lisbon (PMEL)

The Business Mobility Pact for the City of Lisbon (PMEL) is a commitment promoted by the WBCSD, the Lisbon City Council (CML), BCSD Portugal and the signatory companies and institutions.

It aims to contribute to more sustainable mobility in the city of Lisbon through concrete actions, with which companies are committed, in interaction with CML, its employees, suppliers and customers. Through the adoption of new measures, behaviors and solutions, in cooperation with local authorities, PMEL will encourage actions aimed at optimizing and decarbonizing the operations and fleets of different entities, promoting the diversification and integration of the modal mix, and promoting growth the use of collective and inclusive multimodal transport.

For more information, please contact BCSD Portugal.

Charter of Principals BCSD Portugal

In November 2017, BCSD Portugal published its Charter of Principles inviting all companies to subscribe it.

BCSD Portugal’s Charter of Principles establishes the principles that are the guidelines for good business management. It allows any subscriber company to be recognized among its customers, suppliers and society in general by the adoption of solid commitments of sustainability. The Charter encourages subscribers to go beyond legal compliance by adopting recognized norms and practices aligned with ethical, social, environmental, and quality management standards in any context of the global economy.

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