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Emerging challenges such as climate change, the circular economy, human rights, European sustainability directives, socially responsible investment or the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) require transparency and commitment from companies. This transparency and commitment are not exclusively of large companies, but also influence decision-making in small and medium-sized businesses, which are gradually reporting more on their sustainability performance.
We see increasingly complex value chains: larger in scope, with longer life cycles, with more stakeholders involved, with more risk factors and with sectorial specificities. All these details give rise to new forms of management oriented towards innovation and sustainability.
The Value Chain Group started its activity in 2016.


Create a sustainability benchmark that can be used by companies and organizations, regardless of size or structure.

General Goals

– Improving multi-level management skills in SMEs
– Fulfilling the training needs in critical areas for the sustainable development of SMEs
– Promote the approximation of companies to their value chain, which can result in new opportunities for collaboration, development of new ideas and opportunities
– Contribute to a better knowledge of export processes by SMEs, through the sharing of information by exporting companies
– To foster the incorporation of practices that allow SMEs to leverage their competitiveness, namely by increasing the capacity for innovation and improving the quality of their products or services, in line with the requirements of the markets


BCSD Portugal Charter of Principles

Published in November 2017, it establishes the principles that constitute the guidelines for good business management. Any company can subscribe it, even if not associated with BCSD Portugal.

Charter of principles


Members involved

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