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To train young people during their academic course and start of activity for complementary themes that are valued in the current professional and social context.
Bridging the gaps in information and knowledge on conservation and protection of nature, a problem identified both at national level and by other member states of the European Union.
Volunteering of competences, taking place in entities that adopt different approaches to conservation and protection of nature, thus emerges as a strategy for valuing personal and professional skills.


The LIFE Volunteer Escapes – Volunteer with the European Solidarity Corps for Activities in Portugal with Ecological Sense is supported by the Program for Environment and Climate Action (LIFE), with BCSD Portugal being one of the partners involved. This project started on January 1, 2018 and will last for three years.

LIFE Volunteer Escapes is a pioneering project in Portugal that aims to support the use of European Solidarity Corps for nature conservation. It is expected that it will be able to involve about 200 volunteers, for diverse activities, that cover the Continent and Autonomous Regions. Volunteers will not only provide concrete responses to existing conservation needs, but will also leverage volunteer activities with other stakeholders.

General Goals

– Provide volunteers with skills that are valued in the job market;
– Mobilize and support volunteers in the area of conservation and protection of nature, involving different audiences.

Role of BCSD Portugal:

To contribute to the overall goals of the project by hosting volunteers and promoting their training in the field of nature conservation and, at the same time, promoting awareness-raising and sharing of good practices on the importance of protecting and conserving Natural Capital for enterprises and the resulting opportunities and benefits, among different target audiences, specifically companies and their stakeholders (public institutions, NGOs and business organizations), start-ups and high-school students.


This project counts on the participation of the following entities:
The project counts on co-financing:
The project also has the co-financing on the activities to be carried out in these territories:

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