The population growth and socio-economic changes that have occurred in recent years have caused great pressures on the services that the forests provide. This results from greater difficulty in forest management, especially as demand for wood is increasing and forest management practices often value wood production, rather than other benefits derived from forest ecosystems.

There is a need to encourage policies and economic support measures to value services with no direct market value, so that managers and forest owners have additional motivations to provide this type of services.


The Spurring INnovations for forest eCosystem sERvices in Europe (SINCERE) project aims to contribute to the development of a coordinated European policy to maximize the value to society of forest ecosystem services and their sustainable provision. This 4-year project is funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission, led by the European Forest Institute and developed in Portugal by BCSD.

The SINCERE project responds to the needs of society for forestry services, such as recreation, biodiversity protection and carbon sequestration.

The project analyses innovative alternatives to value and implement these “forest ecosystem services” through the development of business models and policies, connecting knowledge and practical, scientific and political experience, both within and outside Europe.

BCSD Portugal integrates the project communication team with the European Forest Institute and the IUCN European Regional Office.

General Goals

– Promote research and innovation for the services that forests provide to society;
– Develop new business models and policies to leverage forest services;
– Integrate research and practical experience, science and politics inside and outside Europe;
– Involve local skateboarders, who play an important role in planning, implementing and evaluating eleven case studies.

Role of BCSD Portugal

– Ensure involvement with the business community, namely through workshops and webinars;
– Promote communication and dissemination of project knowledge and results to the business community, namely about concepts such as forest ecosystem services and innovation mechanisms within the scope of valorisation and payment of forest ecosystem services.


– Implementation of 11 innovation actions (case studies) that will provide the basis for continuous and collaborative learning in nine regions of Europe and two international regions: Peru and Russia.


The joint venture of the project is constituted by the following entities:

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