Carbon Neutrality

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What is Low Carbon Economy?

The Paris Agreement (2015) confirmed that the European and World economies are entering a phase of transition to a new economic model based on a low carbon economy. The agreement shows that, from the scientific point of view, it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions in order to reach a maximum of 2 ºC increase of the Earth’s temperature.

A low carbon economy, also called the green economy, is an economy capable of generating employment and wealth and promoting the competitiveness of companies through the production of goods and services with less environmental impact. Several companies inside and outside Portugal already have concrete solutions for the low carbon economy, that is, they are already contributing to reduce CO2 emissions and, consequently, to combat climate change.

Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality

Portugal has committed itself internationally to the goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions so that the balance between emissions and removals from the atmosphere (e.g. by the forest) is zero by 2050. This goal was named “carbon neutrality”.

BCSD Portugal is vigilantly and actively following the elaboration of the Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality, in strict collaboration with its member companies.

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