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To support companies in building the skills needed to develop a sustainability strategy, BCSD Portugal has created the Sustainability Journey Training Program.

The Training Program is made up of four stages – Discover Sustainability, Beginners, Conquerors and Beacons – and is open to professionals and employees of companies or other organizations, designed for any stage of the journey and with an offer targeted to different levels of knowledge and maturity on sustainability.

Learn more about BCSD Portugal 2019/20 Training Program and apply here.

When sustainability is still new, companies should start with the Discover Sustainability experience.

At any given moment, companies can self-assess sustainability, which can identify the degree of integration of environmental, social and governance resources into the company’s strategy, as well as its competencies, innovation policy and organizational culture. For self-assessment, contact BCSD Portugal.

The steps of the journey towards sustainability


First experience

Companies interested in knowing the principles of sustainability and in starting a process of self-assessment


Otimize the present

Companies interested in embracing the principles of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in their businesses and operations


Prepare tomorrow

Sustainability is already a part of the day-to-day company practices and of the employees’ concerns


Create the future

Sustainability shapes the entire value chain and organizational culture of the company and is a driver of business strategy and innovation

Training program 2020

Lisbon | 13 and 14 February_ Beginners | Level 1

Lisbon | tbd _ Beacons | Level 3: Define a Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality

Lisbon | 28 and 29 May  _  Achievers | Level 2

Lisbon | 2 June_ Beacons | Level 3: Integrate ESG risks into enterprise risk management (application of new COSO and WBCSD guide)

Lisbon | 18 June_ Beacons | Level 3: Accelerate to Circular Economy

Lisbon | 25 September_ Level 1: Non-Financial Reporting

Lisbon | 22 October _  Beacons | Level 3: Science-Based Targets: What They Are and How to Define

Lisbon | 29 and 30 October  _  Beginners | Level 1

Lisbon | 5 and 6 November _  Achievers | Level 2

Lisbon | 27 November _  Beacons | Level 3: Theme to define

Price list training program 2020

Optimize the present // Beginners (14 hours): 300 Euros + VAT for BCSD Portugal members; 400 Euros + VAT, for other participants.

Prepare tomorrow // Achievers (14 hours): 300 Euros + VAT, for BCSD Portugal members; 400 Euros + VAT, for other participants.

Creating the future // Beacons (7 hours): 400 Euros + VAT, for BCSD Portugal members; 500 Euros + VAT, for other participants.

Special conditions:

Early bird: If registration is made at least one month prior to the start of the event, the registered person or company will benefit from a 5% discount on the registration fee.

Company Group: If the company enrolls more than one employee, it will receive a 10% discount from the second registration.

Training Content

Self Knowledge


  • Meet the challenges of sustainability
  • Risks and opportunities for companies
  • Top Tools
  • Study cases

Otimize the present


  • Sustainability Trends
  • Legal and foreseen framework
  • Sustainability strategy
  • Importance of the value chain
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Non-Financial Reporting

Prepare tomorrow


  • Sustainability Trends
  • Sustainable Value Creation
  • Impact Investment
  • Main management, decision support and reporting frameworks
  • Value Chain Redesign
  • ISO, Bcorp certifications, among others
  • Study cases

Create the future


  • Integrate environment, social, governance (ESG) risks into enterprise risk management
  • Non-financial information
  • Sustainability indices
  • Speed up the circular economy
  • Innovation for sustainability
  • Business development
  • Eco & Social business
  • Study cases

The Sustainability Journey is carried out in face-to-face format and can be tailored to the needs of each individual company or sector. Tailor-made solutions may follow the standard training model or be adapted to the needs of each group of trainees and their objectives, which allows the creation of specific courses directed to the trainees’ professional activity.

BCSD Portugal is a training entity certified by DGERT – Direção-Geral do Emprego e das Relações de Trabalho. Companies can therefore use BCSD Portugal to ensure continuous training for their employees in matters of sustainability.

Please contact us for more information:

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